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Night Time Pain Relief THC/CBD OIL
100 MG: 900 MG - $55

Night time pain relief THC/CBD oil is the perfect solution for self care. It offers relief from joint and muscular pain, helps with anxiety, and calms the mind and body for a relaxing sleep. The oil also increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and allows for a deep sleep. It is THC and CBD infused in a 100mg:900mg ratio for the optimal balance of soothing and calming effects. Try it tonight for a restful and restorative sleep.

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Arthritis & Pain Relief CBD OIL 1200MG - $55

CBD oil is an excellent choice for self-care when it comes to relieving arthritis pain and inflammation. Our 1200mg CBD oil is designed to provide powerful relief from arthritis pain and discomfort. It helps to decrease arthritis discomfort, reduce joint inflammation and increase joint mobility. Additionally, it has been found to help manage arthritic pain and improve quality of life. This CBD oil can be used as part of your self-care routine to help you live a more comfortable and enjoyable life.

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Sandalwood & Cedar Pain Relief Cream CBD 120 MG - $35

Our Sandalwood & Cedar Pain Relief Cream is the perfect choice for those seeking to soothe aches and pains. Our recipe is infused with the highest quality essential oils, including sandalwood essential oil to calm the mind and relieve anxiety, reduce signs of aging and skin inflammation, and cedarwood essential oils for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. Our cream is fast-acting, long-lasting and suitable for all skin types. Try it today and start feeling the relief you deserve!


Muscle Relief - Bath Soak
60 MG CBD - $8

Relax and soothe your aching muscles with our Muscle Relief Bath Soak. Simply add as much as you'd like to your warm bath, sit back and enjoy the beautiful scent as the CBD infused soak helps to relax and relieve your body. Perfect for self care and relaxation, this bath soak is designed to help soothe your muscles and aches, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Day Time Pain Relief CBD OIL 1000MG - $55

Day Time Pain Relief CBD Oil is a great way to self-care. This premium oil contains 1000 mg of CBD, and can help to provide relief from muscle and joint pain, inflammation and other daily discomforts. It can also help to alleviate depression, nausea, even from chemotherapy, and can lower blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes. With Day Time Pain Relief CBD Oil, you can take care of your body and mind all day long.

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Edible Spray CBD OIL 1200MG - $15

At Makwa Cannapothecary, we believe that self-care should be a priority for all. That’s why we’ve created a variety of products to help you relax, focus and de-stress. Our signature Spritz CBD Oil comes in seven delicious flavors, including Cupcake Frosting, Rootbeer, Candy Cane, Orange Creamsicle, Watermelon, Vanilla Coconut and Creamy Caramel. Plus, this oil helps with relaxation and focus while reducing anxiety. Make self-care a priority and shop our products today.


Winter Fir - Shampoo Bar
100 MG CBD - $10

Winter Fir Shampoo Bar is the perfect addition to your self-care routine. This luxurious and affordable bar is infused with CBD and enriched with jojoba oil, cedar essential oil, balsam fir essential oil and lavender essential oil. It is easy to use and produces a phenomenal lather that will leave your hair feeling silky soft and looking healthy. Not only that, but this bar can help with increased hair growth while being environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is also incredibly long lasting, so you'll be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of this shampoo bar for a long time.

30ml bottle dropper with plastic label_Makwa Anxiety Oil 1200 Mg (1).png

Anxiety Relief CBD OIL 1200MG - $55

Our Anxiety Relief CBD Oil is the perfect addition to your self care routine. Our 1200 mg infused CBD oil is specifically formulated to help relieve anxiety and reduce depression. It can also help to calm the mind and settle the body, allowing you to relax and focus on the important things. With regular use, you can feel the calming effects of our Anxiety Relief CBD Oil and enjoy a more peaceful life. Try it today and experience the difference it makes!

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Active Recovery CBD 200 MG - $35

Our Active Recovery Cream is the perfect solution for anyone looking to promote muscle recovery and circulation after a hard workout. Infused with 200mg of CBD and Magnesium, this cream helps to provide optimal muscle recovery and joint health. It can also be used to provide relief from arthritis, skin issues, and abrasions. Plus, the cream is lightly scented with high quality essential oils, adding an extra layer of relaxation and recovery. Try our Active Recovery Cream today and experience the ultimate in muscle recovery.


Winter Fir - Conditioner Bar
100 MG CBD - $10

Our Winter Fir Conditioner Bar is the perfect addition to your self care routine. It will make your hair feel luxurious and silky, while also making it easy to detangle. Your hair will be left feeling smooth and shiny with increased hydration and moisture lock. This conditioner bar is infused with cedar, lavender, balsam fir essential oils, hemp seed oil, jojoba, rice protein, and manuka honey. It's also easy to use, biodegradable, and will last a long time making it an environmentally friendly choice for your self care routine.

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